[R-meta] rcalc() or vcalc() for correlated Pearson rs in metafor

Yuhang Hu yh342 @end|ng |rom n@u@edu
Wed Jul 13 06:40:01 CEST 2022

Hello Everyone,

I'm meta-analyzing the correlation (Pearson r) between extroversion (ext)
and achievement in math, reading, and arts.

My data looks like what is shown below. I wonder whether "rcalc()" is a
suitable option for building a var-covariance matrix for Pearson r
coefficients in each study OR "vcalc()" is a more suitable option?

ps. It seems "rcalc()" requires var1 and var2 in each row to be distinct in
each study which makes me think "rcalc()" may not be suitable for cases
where there are multiple time points or samples etc.

study ri var1   var2   scale  outcome  ni  sample_id
1      .1  ext    math   epq    math        50  1
1      .2  ext    math   epq    read         50  1
1      .3  ext    art       epq    art            50  1
2      .4  ext    math   pf       math        35  1
3      .5  ext    read    pf       read         80  1
3      .6  ext    math   pf       math        64   2

Thank you for your time in advance.


Yuhang Hu
Ph.D. Student
Northern Arizona University

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