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Thu Dec 29 12:54:11 CET 2022

Dear Patrizio,

That code is nonsense. One cannot pass multiple columns to the yi argument. There even is a check in rma.mv() to make sure people don't try to do this:

Error in rma.mv(...):                  
  The object/variable specified for the 'yi' argument is a data frame with multiple columns.

Also, V should either be a vector or a kxk matrix where k is the length of yi. 

This is now the second example where ChatGPT is providing either misleading or entirely incorrect info about how to use metafor:



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>I asked the following question: "/I need the metafor syntax for a mixed
>model with two dependent variable and three categorical moderators/"
>and I received the following syntax with detailed explanations:
>fit <- rma.mv(yi = dat[, c("yi1", "yi2")],
>               V = dat[, c("vi1", "vi2")],
>               mods = ~ moderator1 + moderator2 + moderator3,
>               random = ~ 1 | grouping_variable,
>               data = dat)
>I'm curious what Wolfgang and James think about.
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