[R-meta] Mis-leading title, was Open AI ChatGPT

Michael Dewey ||@t@ @end|ng |rom dewey@myzen@co@uk
Wed Dec 28 17:18:00 CET 2022

Dear Patrizio

It is hard to see anything about AI in your question.

As far as your syntax goes can you explain mre about why you doubt that 
it is doing what you want?

As an aside if I was using the data = dat method of specifying data I 
would not have used dat[ ] elsewhere.


On 28/12/2022 14:24, Patrizio E Tressoldi wrote:
> I asked the following question: "/I need the metafor syntax for a mixed
> model with two dependent variable and three categorical moderators/"
> and I received the following syntax with detailed explanations:
> fit <- rma.mv(yi = dat[, c("yi1", "yi2")],
>                 V = dat[, c("vi1", "vi2")],
>                 mods = ~ moderator1 + moderator2 + moderator3,
>                 random = ~ 1 | grouping_variable,
>                 data = dat)
> I'm curious what Wolfgang and James think about.
> Patrizio


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