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Thank you Wolfgang!

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> Hi Filippo,
> It doesn't matter if you use 'obs' or 'type' in this case - the result
> will be the same (as you noted). The two arguments become relevant in case
> one wants to handle the case where multiple types of constructs have been
> assessed and in at least some studies the same construct was measured using
> multiple scales or instruments. Then one can specify 'type' and 'obs'
> separately and also specify different correlations.
> Best,
> Wolfgang
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> >Hello!
> >I'm running a multivariate model for the first time and I'm
> >constructing the covariance matrix with vcalc. My situation is that I
> >have n papers and each papers could have k effect size belonging to
> >different measures but measured on the same pool of subjects.
> >For this situation I'm using the vcalc function as follows:
> >
> >vcalc(vi, cluster = id, obs = outcome2, data = dat, rho = 0.7)
> >
> >Where cluster is the paper index and outcome2 is the outcome (as
> >string) within each paper that of course, the same outcome could be
> >present also in another paper.
> >
> >Is that correct? because carefully reading the documentation, maybe
> >the argument type is more appropriate but the resulting matrix is the
> >same.
> >Thank you!
> >
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