[R-meta] vcalc type vs obs

Filippo Gambarota ||||ppo@g@mb@rot@ @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Aug 22 09:59:05 CEST 2022

I'm running a multivariate model for the first time and I'm
constructing the covariance matrix with vcalc. My situation is that I
have n papers and each papers could have k effect size belonging to
different measures but measured on the same pool of subjects.
For this situation I'm using the vcalc function as follows:

vcalc(vi, cluster = id, obs = outcome2, data = dat, rho = 0.7)

Where cluster is the paper index and outcome2 is the outcome (as
string) within each paper that of course, the same outcome could be
present also in another paper.

Is that correct? because carefully reading the documentation, maybe
the argument type is more appropriate but the resulting matrix is the
Thank you!

Filippo Gambarota
PhD Student - University of Padova
Department of Developmental and Social Psychology
Website: filippogambarota
Research Group: Colab   Psicostat

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