[R-meta] how to get vcalc from metafor

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Tue Nov 16 20:54:58 CET 2021

Hi Wolfgang, 

I realised I already had the remotes package installed, 
and when I ran the second line 


on its own it worked. 

Thank you ! 

Best wishes, 

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Hi Normand, 

vcalc() is currently only part of the devel version of metafor, so you indeed would need to do: 


Best to do this in a fresh R session. If it doesn't work, then you will have to be more concrete as to the error messages you get when trying this. 


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>Dear list members, 
>I recently read a thread in which the vcalc() function from metafor was mentioned 
>and I tried to use it, but Rstudio tells me it can't find the vcalc function. 
>I tried re-installing metafor through the "install" button and then i used the 
>following lines 
>but neither method made it work. 
>Any advice please ? 
>Best wishes, 

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