[R-meta] Results from the meta-regression

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Dear Tarun,

There is no element of randomness in rma(), so if you did not make any changes, the differences cannot come from the function itself.


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>Dear All,
>I ran a meta regression using the rma and rma.mv function. The exact command is
>rma(yi=zi, vi = vi, method="REML", data = dfinc, test = "knha", mods = ~
>                         `Commitment strategies`+ Gamification+
>                          Randomisation + StatsMethod + StudyDesign +
>                          Weather +
>                          OptedIn + interventionTreatmentPeriod +
>                          Region + StudyYear )
>I re-ran the code again after a while and it seems that the results are slightly
>different. There are slight differences in the estimated coefficients and
>variances. As far as I can tell I didn't change the underlying data. Is it
>possible that results change because of the function that I am using here? Or must
>it be some change in the code or data?
>Tarun Khanna
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