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Thanks all � I have been following that code Wolfgang and it is coming together.

One issue I am having is that I have repeating author names and dates along the column in the forest plot where r is automatically adding a serial number to the end:

Johnson, 2018.1

Johnson, 2018.2

Johnson, 2018.3

Is there any way to remove that?

Dylan Johnson, MSc

MA Student, School and Clinical Child Psychology
Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development

University of Toronto
252 Bloor Street West

Toronto, ON M5S 1V6

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Dear Dylan,

There is a pretty coprehensive example here:


This should be fairly easy to adapt to the case where rma.mv() is used for model fitting.


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>I am using the �forest� function to plot the results from a �rma.mv� model.
>I would like to stratify the forest plot into subgroups at the two levels of
>�VAR_X�. I do not understand how to tell the program what the variable is to
>stratify by. I see a lot of code such as �c(1:4)� and don�t really grasp
>what that is doing.
>I have a total of 37 effects, where n=14 are in category 1 of �VAR_X� and
>n=23 are in category 2 of �VAR_X�
>Ideally I would like to present these with their pooled estimate at the
>bottom of each subgroup level chunk.
>Thanks in advance!
>Dylan Johnson, MSc
>MA Student, School and Clinical Child Psychology
>Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development
>University of Toronto
>252 Bloor Street West
>Toronto, ON M5S 1V6

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