[R-meta] Displaying Subgroups in Forest Plot

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Dear Dylan,

There is a pretty coprehensive example here:


This should be fairly easy to adapt to the case where rma.mv() is used for model fitting.


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>Subject: [R-meta] Displaying Subgroups in Forest Plot
>I am using the ‘forest’ function to plot the results from a ‘rma.mv’ model.
>I would like to stratify the forest plot into subgroups at the two levels of
>‘VAR_X’. I do not understand how to tell the program what the variable is to
>stratify by. I see a lot of code such as “c(1:4)” and don’t really grasp
>what that is doing.
>I have a total of 37 effects, where n=14 are in category 1 of ‘VAR_X’ and
>n=23 are in category 2 of ‘VAR_X’
>Ideally I would like to present these with their pooled estimate at the
>bottom of each subgroup level chunk.
>Thanks in advance!
>Dylan Johnson, MSc
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