[R-meta] Extracting pooled rma.mv model summary statistics after multiple imputation

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Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks again for your helpful response.

If I may, I have another question – how can I calculate the pooled variance inflation factors for each moderator to test for collinearity (again, after using mice for multiple imputation)?

Many thanks,

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Subject: RE: Extracting pooled rma.mv model summary statistics after multiple imputation 
Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the example. This leads to an error though in this step:

> pool <- summary(pool(fit))
Error in h(simpleError(msg, call)) :                                                                                     
  error in evaluating the argument 'object' in selecting a method for function 'summary': the condition has length > 1

To be precise, by default, you will just get a bunch of warnings, but I use:


which ends up switching the warnings here to errors.

The problem really comes from:
> pool(fit)
Error in if (x$ddf > 0) qt(level/2, df = x$ddf, lower.tail = FALSE) else NA :                                            
  the condition has length > 1 

And this error comes from a bug in 'broom' which is used by 'mice'. The problem is in tidy.rma(), namely this line:


crit <- if (x$ddf > 0) qt(level/2, df=x$ddf, lower.tail=FALSE) else NA

In rma.mv() models with test="t", x$ddf is a vector, not a single value, and hence we get an if() conditions that has length > 1. I will report this to the broom authors.

As for your actual question, see this:


So you could do:

round(apply(sapply(fit$analyses, \(x) x$sigma2), 1, mean), 4)
format.pval(median(sapply(fit$analyses, \(x) x$QEp)))
format.pval(median(sapply(fit$analyses, \(x) x$QMp)))


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>Subject: Re: Extracting pooled rma.mv model summary statistics after multiple
>Dear Wolfgang,
>Thank you for your reply, and my apologies for the delayed response - I was on
>leave for a few weeks.
>Below I provide a minimal and fully reproducible example using the Bangert-Drowns
>et al. sample data following your blog post at https://www.metafor-
>I am conducting a three-level mixed-effects meta-regression with multiple effect
>sizes (level 2; defined in the below example by "id") nested within studies
>(level 3; defined in the below example by "author").
>Where I am stuck is: how do I get the portion of the output about variance
>components, heterogeneity, and the test for moderators after using multiple
>imputation? The pooling gives me the model results (estimate, std error, t
>statistic, df, p-value), but how do I pool the portion of output that is normally
>above "Model Results"?
>In the last line of the code (fit$analyses[1]), I can access this for each
>imputed dataset, but I am unsure how to access the pooled summary statistics.
>I hope this clarifies where I am stuck. I would be very grateful for your advice.
>Many thanks,
>Tom Swanton
>PhD Candidate
>School of Psychology, The University of Sydney
># load packages
># use data from meta-analysis by Bangert-Drowns et al. (2004)
>dat <- dat.bangertdrowns2004
># keep variables needed for analysis
>dat <- dat[c("id", "author", "yi", "vi", "length", "wic", "feedback", "info",
>"pers", "imag", "meta")]
># turn dummy variables into factors
>dat$wic <- factor(dat$wic)
>dat$feedback <- factor(dat$feedback)
>dat$info  <- factor(dat$info)
>dat$pers  <- factor(dat$pers)
>dat$imag  <- factor(dat$imag)
>dat$meta  <- factor(dat$meta)
># set up predictor matrix for imputations
>predMatrix <- make.predictorMatrix(dat)
>predMatrix[,"id"] <- 0 # don't use effect size id for imputing
>predMatrix[,"author"] <- 0 # don't use author for imputing
>predMatrix[,"vi"] <- 0 # don't use vi for imputing
>predMatrix["id",] <- 0 # don't impute id (no NA's)
>predMatrix["author",] <- 0 # don't impute author (no NA's)
>predMatrix["yi",] <- 0 # don't impute yi (no NA's)
>predMatrix["vi",] <- 0 # don't impute vi (no NA's)
># specify imputation method
>impMethod <- make.method(dat)
># generate multiple imputations
>imp <- mice(dat, print=FALSE, m=20, predictorMatrix=predMatrix, method=impMethod,
># fit model of interest to each of the 20 imputed datasets
>fit <- with(imp,
>            rma.mv(yi = yi,
>                   V = vi,
>                   slab = author,
>                   random = ~ 1 | author/id,
>                   test = "t",
>                   method = "REML",
>                   mods = ~ length + wic + feedback + info + pers + imag + meta))
># pool and round results
>pool <- summary(pool(fit))
>pool[-1] <- round(pool[-1], digits=4)
># view output from first imputed dataset
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>Subject: RE: Extracting pooled rma.mv model summary statistics after multiple
>Hi Tom,
>Could you provide a minimal and fully reproducible example (see: https://protect-
>au.mimecast.com/s/-pXHCnx1jni7Z8PPPu9Oavy?domain=stat.ethz.ch) that can be used
>to discuss this? Right now, it's not entirely clear to me where exactly you are
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>>Subject: [R-meta] Extracting pooled rma.mv model summary statistics after
>>multiple imputation
>>Dear colleagues,
>>Is anyone able to help me understand how to extract pooled rma.mv model summary
>>statistics after applying multiple imputation using mice please?
>>I am conducting a three-level mixed effects multiple meta-regression using the
>>rma.mv function in metafor, and have applied multiple imputation using mice
>>following the instructions available here: https://www.metafor-
>>I have the table of pooled model coefficients as in the worked example, but I
>>haven't been able to work out how to extract pooled model summary statistics
>>(e.g., tau-squared, Q statistic).
>>Are you able to help me understand how to pool them across all the imputed
>>datasets please?
>>Many thanks,
>>Thomas Swanton, PhD Candidate
>>School of Psychology, The University of Sydney, Australia
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