[R-meta] metafor::matreg() and its workflow

Stefanou Revesz @te|@noureve@z @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Sun Dec 5 03:54:34 CET 2021

Dear Wolfgang,

In the latest version of metafor, I realized there are a couple of new
functions specifically made for correlations (that's awesome!).

I understand the use of rclac() which provides the V for rma.mv(). But
I'm a bit unclear why we get the vcov() from the rma.mv() fit and then
input it to matreg().

My questions are:

1- What role does matreg() play and why not just using rma.mv()?
3- What if our rma.mv() fit has multiple (interactive) moderators,
what should be passed as R and vcov() to matreg()?
3- Is rtoz =TRUE necessary in this workflow?

Thank you,

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