[R-meta] Unusual problem with metafor:rma output

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Thu Jul 9 15:47:14 CEST 2020

Dear Rich,

See help(confint.rma.uni) and see the 'Details' section.


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>Subject: [R-meta] Unusual problem with metafor:rma output
>I have a rather unusual problem with the output of my metaregression using
>When I attempt to calculate the confidence intervals for the tau, I, and H
>values, all of the estimates are lower than the lower 95% confidence
>       estimate   ci.lb   ci.ub
>tau^2    0.8002  1.8334  7.8651
>tau      0.9125  1.456  2.7222
>I^2(%)  92.455  95.157 99.3356
>H^2     11.5454 24.2385 90.6577
>The code I used for the random effects meta-regression is:
>res <- rma(yi = LogOdds, sei = SE, data = data, method = 'DL')
>After playing around with the code, I discovered that if I change the method
>to method = "SJ", this problem is eliminated but increases all heterogeneity
>calculations significantly.
>I'm guessing this has to do with how these parameters are being estimated.
>But why was this happening in the first place?
>Has anyone encountered this before?
>Thank you,
>PhD Candidate

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