[R-meta] Unusual problem with metafor:rma output

Simonson, Richard J. @|mon@r1 @end|ng |rom my@er@u@edu
Thu Jul 9 15:35:49 CEST 2020

I have a rather unusual problem with the output of my metaregression using metafor:rma.

When I attempt to calculate the confidence intervals for the tau, I, and H values, all of the estimates are lower than the lower 95% confidence interval:

       estimate   ci.lb   ci.ub
tau^2    0.8002  1.8334  7.8651
tau      0.9125  1.456  2.7222
I^2(%)  92.455  95.157 99.3356
H^2     11.5454 24.2385 90.6577

The code I used for the random effects meta-regression is:

res <- rma(yi = LogOdds, sei = SE, data = data, method = 'DL')

After playing around with the code, I discovered that if I change the method to method = "SJ", this problem is eliminated but increases all heterogeneity calculations significantly.

I'm guessing this has to do with how these parameters are being estimated. But why was this happening in the first place?

Has anyone encountered this before?

Thank you,


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