[R-meta] double arcsine transformation

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Wed Jan 29 08:41:14 CET 2020

Hi James,

You are passing 'transf.ipft.hm' to the second argument of predict.rma():

> args(predict.rma)
function (object, newmods, intercept, tau2.levels, gamma2.levels, 
    addx = FALSE, level, digits, transf, targs, vcov = FALSE, ...)

So, you are setting 'newsmods = transf.ipft.hm' which doesn't make sense. It should be:

pes <- predict(pes.dat, transf=transf.ipft.hm, targ=list(ni=dat$total))


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I am performing a univariate meta-analysis on sensitivity and specificity.   I
fit the model in metafor and when trying to transform the double-arcsine I get
the following error:

Error in predict.rma(pes.dat, transf.ipft.hm, targ = list(ni = dat$total)) : 
  Cannot specify new moderator values for models without moderators.

Is this fixable or do you need more information.

James C Meyer DVM DACVIM

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