[R-meta] aggregate data continues outcomes

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Dear Homa,

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>Dear Wolfgang,
>Thank you for answering my question.
>I need group B and C combine:
>Group A: mean =1248   Sd= 698  n=15
>Group B: mean =2381   Sd= 1313  n=15
>Group C: mean =1878   Sd= 720  n=15
>I do not use R. is there any other way e.g. SPSS or formula in excel please?
>I do appreciate your time,
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>Dear Homa,
>Please post in plain text. Note how the formatting of the table is messed up
>when not doing so, making it difficult for people to read the table and
>provide help.
>It would also help if you would provide the table in a way that it can be
>directly generated within R (e.g., using dput()). See the following links
>for how to create reproducible examples:
>Not sure what effect size measure you intend to use. Standardized mean
>differences? If so, you will find an example and code that deals with this
>kind of data here:
>In essence, you need to compute the var-cov matrix of the two effects and
>then you can combine them with rma.mv(). If you provide the table in such a
>way that it can be directly generated within R, I can help further.
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>>Subject: [R-meta] aggregate data continues outcomes
>>I do appreciate it if you direct me how to aggregate the 2 groups below.
>>This study has 3 arms, comparison between A , B, and C.
>>Group 1: A compare to B
>>Group 2: A compare to C
>>I need to aggregate theses 2 groups
>>	M	SD	N	M	DD	N
>>Group1	1248.0	698.0	15	2381.0	1313.0	15
>>Group2	1248.0	698.0	15	1878.0	720.0	15
>>Many thanks in advance,

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