[R-meta] aggregate data continues outcomes

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Wed Dec 16 08:05:46 CET 2020

Dear Homa,

Please post in plain text. Note how the formatting of the table is messed up when not doing so, making it difficult for people to read the table and provide help.

It would also help if you would provide the table in a way that it can be directly generated within R (e.g., using dput()). See the following links for how to create reproducible examples:


Not sure what effect size measure you intend to use. Standardized mean differences? If so, you will find an example and code that deals with this kind of data here:


In essence, you need to compute the var-cov matrix of the two effects and then you can combine them with rma.mv(). If you provide the table in such a way that it can be directly generated within R, I can help further.


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>I do appreciate it if you direct me how to aggregate the 2 groups below.
>This study has 3 arms, comparison between A , B, and C.
>Group 1: A compare to B
>Group 2: A compare to C
>I need to aggregate theses 2 groups
>Group1	1248.0	698.0	15	2381.0	1313.0	15
>Group2	1248.0	698.0	15	1878.0	720.0	15
>Many thanks in advance,

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