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The z-scores for the individual subgroup effects (if this is what you 
are looking for) are not shown in the output, however, they are part of 
the meta-analysis object.

You can use the following command to extract the z-scores and p-values 
for the fixed effect and random effects model:

      data.frame(bylevs, zval.fixed.w, pval.fixed.w,
                 zval.random.w, pval.random.w))

However, you should abstain from selectively reporting significant 
subgroup results. Instead, the Cochrane Handbook 
(https://handbook-5-1.cochrane.org/) gives the following advice (among 
other things) on subgroup analyses: (1) conduct a test for subgroup 
differences (section which Michael already mentioned and (2) do 
not compare the statistical significance of the results within separate 
subgroup analyses (section 9.6.6).

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