[R-meta] Combine HR from multiple groups?

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Thu Feb 21 15:17:37 CET 2019

Hi all,

our situation: In a network meta-analysis, we want to pool two nodes 
(two doses of the same treatment). Outcome of interest is overall 
survival (Hazard ratios). To include a three-arm study (arm A: treatment 
dose A; arm B: treatment dose B, arm C: placebo), we have to combine the 
two treament arms. We only have relative treatment effect, i.e. HR A vs. 
B, HR A vs. C, HR B vs. C. Is there a possibility to pool HR A vs. C and 
B vs. C? As we use the same comparator C, we cannot easily calculate a 
pooled meta-analysis estimate, right? And as we only have relative 
effects, we cannot easily pool arm A and B as for binary data or mean 
values, right? Or do we think too complicated?

We are happy for any ideas or examples.


Kathrin and Anne

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