[R-meta] setting certain covariances to 0 for the random LHS term

Gram, Gil (IITA) G@Gr@m @end|ng |rom cg|@r@org
Thu Aug 29 09:56:50 CEST 2019

Dear Wolfgang and others,

In my current model I have the following random structures: (treatment | site) and (treatment | site.time), i.e. random variance across site and across time-within-site for the different treatments.

Treatments here are defined as (1) control, (2) mineral input MR, (3) organic input OR, and (4) combined mineral and organic input ORMR.

Now I extend the number of treatments by the organic input sources, i.e. control, MR, ORone, ORtwo, ORthree, ORMRone, ORMRtwo, ORMRthree etc.

I wish to know the variances for each of these extended treatments, but I don’t want to see covariances between combinations of organic input sources, only with Control (and MR). Is it possible to let the model know that, by setting these to 0 somehow?


Gil Gram
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