[R-meta] Use of Hedges 1992 publication bias correction method

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Dear Chishio,

I've been looking into this and what I have found was the "weightr" package (https://www.r-bloggers.com/new-package-weightr-v-1-0-0/). There's also a shiny app where you can upload your data and run the analyses online: https://vevealab.shinyapps.io/WeightFunctionModel/

Is this what you mean?

I'll be happy to hear from other people on the list if they have found other resources than this one.

Best regards,

Matthias Aulbach
Diplom-Psychologe (Univ.), Doctoral Candidate
University of Helsinki | Faculty of Social Sciences | Social Psychology

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Dear all,

I am writing to ask if anyone knows a statistical package that provides Hedges (1992) method to correct publication bias. It assumes that publication probability is a step function of p-value, and provides estimates using the maximum likelihood with assumptions that the underlying distributions are normal. It is commonly used in economics, but I could not find packages that automate this approach.

Please let me know if anyone knows about this!

Best regards,

Chishio Furukawa
PhD candidate
Department of Economics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Phone: (090)-6487-1382

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