[R-meta] Forestplot-metafor help

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Hi Blesson,

You need to use the 'ylim' argument to make more space and then the 'rows' argument to specify into which rows the estimates should be plotted.

Here is an example:



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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to make a forest plot using data that I have (relative risk and 95%confidence intervals) for various subgroups. Using the code provided with the package, I have been able to make the forestplot, however what is missing is the title of the subgroup categories [for example; one of the subgroup is age-group with four levels (18-24, 25-49,50-64 and >65 years)]. It would good if I could get any help in getting the titles appear in the plots. Even if someone can tell me how I can get spaces in the plot between the rows, I think I can use the 'text' command to manually insert the title.

Any help is appreciated.

Kind regards,

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