[R-meta] Calculating covariances in multivariate meta-analysis

Mark White markhwhiteii at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 16:17:24 CET 2018

Hello all,

I have 8 studies in my dissertation; I want to meta-analyze the correlation
between focal variable X and outcome Y. Let variables for Study 1 be x1 and
y1, Study 2 be x2 and y2, etc. However, I also have *various measurements *of
each construct in some studies. For example, in Study 1, I have the
correlation between x1_1 and y1_1, as well as x1_2 and y1_2. And in Study
2, I have the correlation between x2_1 and y2_1 as well as x2_2 and y2_2.
In Study 3, I have these all the way up to x3_10 and y3_10.

I want to perform a multivariate meta-analysis, since I have all of the raw
data. My question: How do I calculate the covariates between these
correlations? I know I want to end up with a covariance matrix where the
diagonal is the variance, off-diagonal the covariances (with all zeros
where they are from different studies). In the analysis examples on the
metafor website, these are already calculated for the user. How do I
calculate these from my raw data?

Thank you,

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