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Dear Wolfgang,

Thank you very much.



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Dear Delphine,

For this outcome, the 'Peters test' would in essence be:


dat <- escalc(measure="PFT", xi=xi, ni=ni, data=dat.debruin2009) dat

regtest(dat$yi, dat$vi, model="lm", predictor="ninv")

So, using the inverse sample size as predictor and using 'weighted regression with multiplicative dispersion' as the model.


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I found a blog on publication bias and unfortunately my questions were not answered so I thought I will write to you.

I am conducting a review on Ebola in pregnancy and I have completed the proportional meta-analysis. 

I got into trouble though when I tried to do the publication bias tests. I used the double arcsine transformation and I have plotted the funnels using the sample size but I don't know the code to use for the peters test. I have used as a guide so far Wang et al 2018 and Viechtbauer W 2010.

Below is an example of the plot



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