[R-meta] Effect size using forest plot

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Not sure what you mean by "not encouraging". But regardless, see help(escalc):

The options for the measure argument are then:

- "ARAW" for raw alpha values.
- "AHW" for transformed alpha values (Hakstian & Whalen, 1976).
- "ABT" for transformed alpha values (Bonett, 2002).

So, use measure="ARAW".


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>Hakstian & Whalen is not encouraging for me. you stated:  One can meta-
>analyze raw alpha values, Can I ask How?
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>Now that is a rather different case. Search help(escalc) for "Cronbach's
>alpha". Here, one needs to specify the observed alpha values, the number
>of items/replications/parts of the measurement instrument, and the sample
>sizes. One can meta-analyze raw alpha values, but it is usually better to
>apply a transformation, like those described by Hakstian & Whalen (1976)
>Bonett (2002).
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>>Do the Cronbach's alpha values have a standard error?
>>Am 13.12.2018 um 16:48 schrieb Julie Webbs:
>>> Yes as an exampel. Some times we have a single value, e.g, Cronbach's
>>> alpha
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>>>     You mean a mean without SD or sample size? Perhaps I still do not
>>>     understand what you have.
>>>     Best,
>>>     Gerta

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