[R-meta] Effect size using forest plot

Guido Schwarzer @c @ending from imbi@uni-freiburg@de
Thu Dec 13 12:17:10 CET 2018

Am 12.12.18 um 20:45 schrieb Julie Webbs:

> I have Means, SDs and sample size for 15 studies.
> Can anyone help me to plot a forest plot for effect sizes?
In R package *meta*, you can use
- metacont() for two groups providing means, SDs, and sample sizes,
- metamean() for a single group.

The standard effect size measures (Hedges' g, Cohen's, and Glass' delta) 
are available in metacont().

You can use the R commands 'help(metacont)' and 'help(metamean)' to get 
information on these functions.

Furthermore, the commands 'example(metacont)' and 'help(metamean)' will 
run some analyses (and produce a forest plot for metacont).

Best wishes, Guido

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