[R-meta] Overdispersion in data analyized by metafor. Does one need to correct, if so how can is this accomplished?

Sorkin, John jsorkin at som.umaryland.edu
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I thank  Wolfgang Viechtbauer for the work he has done, and the time he has devoted to the metafor package.

I hope you will allow me to ask what may seem like two simple questions. My questions, more completely described below are (1) Is it necessary to account for over-dispersion when using  metafor? (2) If it is necessary, how does one do so. My data, and R code are attached to this email as a text document (as a .R file).

I have data describing two groups, one labeled "regional" and a second "general". Before I discovered the metafor package, I used glm with Poisson regression to determine if the event rates differed between my two groups. Poisson regression give a significant  difference, but the ratio of the residual variance to the degrees of freedom is far from one. I re-ran the glm using quaisPoisson [family=quasipoisson(link=log)] and got a no significant difference between groups. I then ran a negative binomial analysis and to make sure the finding of excessive deviance was correct (deviance 124, DF=30, ratio apprxomatly 4).

After I discovered metafor, I re-ran the analyses and get a significant group effect. I think the over-dispersion I found in the Poission and negative binomial regressions may be causing an estimation problem for metafor. If over-dispersion is a problem, I don't know how I can have metafor account for the over-dispersion (as I did with the glm by using quasipoisson and negative binomial rather than poisson regression).

I thank you for your time and help.

Thank you,

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