[R-meta] New release of MAVIS (Meta Analysis via Shiny) v1.1.3 now on CRAN

Kyle Hamilton kyle.hamilton at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 04:15:29 CEST 2017

Dear R users,

I'm pleased to announce an update to the MAVIS package (Meta-Analysis
via Shiny) which is now on CRAN. MAVIS is an interactive shiny
application for running a meta-analysis through a web browser, users
can download the package from CRAN to run MAVIS locally. There is an
online demo of MAVIS which can be found here

MAVIS: Meta-Analysis via Shiny v1.1.3

- Added support for the Vevea & Hedges Weight-Function Model for
publication bias with the weightr package.

The package is developed using GitHub, and more information, as well
as the current development version, can be found at

Comments and feedback are highly encouraged.

William Kyle Hamilton  -  Graduate Student
University of California, Merced  -  Psychological Sciences
psychology.ucmerced.edu - kylehamilton.com

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