[R-meta] Using MAd agg function

Emily Russell emilyrussell99 at outlook.com
Sun Dec 17 12:20:07 CET 2017

Dear All

I wondered if anyone could help with an issue about aggregating effect sizes?  I have 3 effect sizes from one study that come from one sample and so I want to aggregate them into one.  The result of escalc is this

Study       yi           vi
Arnold  -0.2386 0.2014
Arnold   0.4556 0.2052
Arnold   0.0563 0.2001

so then I used the agg function from MAd

ag<-agg(id=Study, es=yi, var=vi,  cor=.5, method="BHHR", mod=NULL, data=ma)

which gives the following which I think I can then use as one study in my meta-analysis

      id         es              var
1 Arnold 0.09111254 0.1348174

Does this seem reasonable?  Also as I don't know the correlation between the three effect sizes I have just used the default of 0.5.  I suspect this is low, but that is just a guess - is that reasonable?



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