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Hi Simon,

Not the font size to its default, but the R Console.

To adjust the size, I can:
Toolbar -> Window -> Zoom, and R Console will maximise to the left.
To restore:
Toolbar -> Window -> Zoom, and R Console will adjust back to the right.

However, if I adjust the size of the R Console via the corners, how do I 
restore R Console to the default size?


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no, there is no shortcut to restore the font size to its default. It is 
probably a good idea to add such a shortcut (typically <Cmd><0>). The 
default size (11pt) is only used if your preferences don't say 
otherwise, so you can remove or change the preferences. To reset the 
default console font you can close R and run
defaults delete org.R-project.R "R Console default font"
in Terminal. Analogously, for the editor font you can use
defaults delete org.R-project.R "R Script Editor default font"

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A general question:
Regarding the size of R Console screen. to adjust the size I can Toolbar
-> Window -> Zoom or Minimize, buta I can also adjust manually. Is there
a way to restore the default size?


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