[R-SIG-Mac] error stream getting unworkable.

Simon Urbanek @|mon@urb@nek @end|ng |rom R-project@org
Sun Aug 7 01:46:45 CEST 2022

> On Aug 6, 2022, at 10:00 PM, Timothy Bates <tim.bates using ed.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi Duncan,
> I’m using the current release MacOS 12/Monterey. and also the version scheduled for release in Fall (MacOS 13/Ventura developer),
> Catalina is three years old which might explain our different experience - A lot of the error stream refers to use of deprecated function calls, which increase with each version.

But those are only at compile time, they have nothing to do with your earlier report.

Most stderr errors seen so far are either due to well-documented bugs in certain macOS versions or additional software you install. We have yet to find any errors that come from the GUI itself. You can always disable the stderr forwarding if you use software that is noisy.

> I haven’t yet started tot keep a list of all the warnings/errors but many are due to R.app calling deprecated MacOS functions. Those should be updated to current functions. Also failures to support newer OS requirements (like, I think idling/app sleep). I’ll note here also that RR,app doesn’t support the new "Stage manager” windowing which will be ubiquitous in a few months: The drop downs for code completion render in their own mini windows, and the main window doesn’t come to the front on launch.
> Redirecting system call errors to a log file would help users by keeping the console free of spurious text

See R for Mac FAQ  10.4

> Preferably, putting the Xcode project on github and accepting pull requests could allow more eyes on this.
> Or perhaps sponsor a summer cleanup  project for a student to modernise the codebase.

I wish - it's been on Github for quite a while: https://github.com/R-macos/Mac-GUI but it has made little difference, still no contributors.


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