[R-SIG-Mac] Difficulties with R-Studio

phii m@iii@g oii phiiipsmith@c@ phii m@iii@g oii phiiipsmith@c@
Sun Aug 15 16:04:28 CEST 2021

I use the R-Studio app, Version 1.4.1103, for my R programming work on 
macOS Big Sur version 11.5. I find that the app switches from one window 
to another (within the app) sometimes, without a request that it do so. 
Sometimes I work for a long session and this does not occur, but at 
other times it does, yet I cannot find an explanation.  I had the same 
problem with previous versions of R. The problem is annoying, but the 
app is so good I have been putting up with it.

Do others face the same problem? I suppose it is likely an issue within 
R-Studio, since it does not occur with any other app. But is there 
anything I can do in my macOS configuration to solve the problem?


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