[R-SIG-Mac] plot window not showing most recent plot?

Tim Bates t|mothy@c@b@te@ @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Sat Sep 5 18:20:32 CEST 2020

OK. Perhaps it's another Big Sur thing.

(and apologies all for mistaking arrow glyph for tab glyph below)
> On 5 Sep 2020, at 5:09 pm, peter dalgaard <pdalgd using gmail.com> wrote:
> Works fine for me when started from R in Terminal. Cmd-leftarrow and Cmd-rightarrow do their thing, as listed in the menu - provided the graphics window has focus, otherwise they switch virtual desktops (of course). 
> -pd
>> On 5 Sep 2020, at 17:59 , Tim Bates <timothy.c.bates using gmail.com> wrote:
>> R for R 4.0.2 GUI 1.72 Catalina build (7847)
>> Oops, I was going off muscle memory - I see that Quartz:Forward and Back are set to "⌘ ->" and "⌘<-"  (which can't do anything as they're captured by the app switcher).
>> What are you seeing as the keys for Quartz:Forward and Quartz:Back?
>> Playing around, ⌘ left-arrow works to go back one graph, but only one time, and ⌘ right arrow doesn't do anything.
>> Clicking the actual menu items when the quartz window contains 2 graphs, back take me back, but then forward doesn't take me forward...
>>> On 5 Sep 2020, at 4:29 pm, Duncan Murdoch <murdoch.duncan using gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Which front end are you using?  The cmd-] and cmd-[ don't do anything in the ones I'm using.
>>> Duncan Murdoch
>>> On 05/09/2020 8:23 a.m., Timothy Bates wrote:
>>>> In R version: R version 4.0.2 (2020-06-22), I’m seeing the plot window not advance when a new ggplot is drawn.
>>>> calls to plot() advance the quartz window to the newest “frame”, but calls to ggplot2::qplot() show the graph only the first time the function is called in the quartz window’s history.
>>>> For subsequent qplots, the pane does not advance to show the new plot, instead staying on which ever “frame’ in the plot history it was at.
>>>> repro
>>>> plot(wt ~ mpg, data=mtcars) # displays
>>>> ggplot2::qplot(mpg, wt, data=mtcars) # doesn't display
>>>> close quartz window
>>>> qplot(mpg, wt, data=mtcars) # displays
>>>> plot(wt ~ mpg, data=mtcars) # displays
>>>> qplot(mpg, wt, data=mtcars) # doesn't display
>>>> try cmd-] to advance forward into current history… nothing happens (newest plot is not in the (forward) history
>>>> try cmd-[ to go back, then cmd-]  cmd-]  to go forward into current history… newest plot displays as it should have the first time

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