[R-SIG-Mac] Strange "NOTE" when running R CMD CHECK

Carl Witthoft c@r| @end|ng |rom w|ttho|t@com
Mon Jun 15 00:21:53 CEST 2020

Has anyone seen this kind of NOTE when running R CMD CHECK --as-cran?

* checking CRAN incoming feasibility ... NOTE
Maintainer: ‘Carl Witthoft <carl using witthoft.com>’

New submission
(end quote)

I've seen this pop up since I switched to Catalina & R 4.X .  I don't 
understand what it means or what the implications are, other than that 
it puts my package submissions into limbo because these notes pop up 
when the win-builder site does its automatic checking of the package.

Carl Witthoft
carl using witthoft.com
resume: https://app.box.com/file/498153801347

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