[R-SIG-Mac] Using R on MacOS Catalina.....

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Tue Jan 28 22:12:58 CET 2020

First of all 256 Gig is huge, as far as Homebrew is concerned. I have had homebrew installed
even on very old systems with no more than that.

Secondly, drag the sucker over to the iStore or Gravis and have them bang a proper SSD in. Been there, done that.

Or, thirdly, install minimal Homebrew and then look under /usr/local and /opt, what it uses, move them to another Volume and symlink/mount them accordingly.

Why is this so complicated? Not unfamiliar says the German in me. But then I am only an elderly Gynecologist not doing high performance computing.


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On 28 Jan 2020, 21:14 +0200, Matthias Krawutschke <krawutschke using uni-potsdam.de>, wrote:
> Thank you so much for you assistance.
> My problem is not solved, because I must install R, etc. on a different Volume like SYS-Volume & I can´t find this option under "homebrew".....
> Best regards from Berlin, Germany
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> Betreff: Re: [R-SIG-Mac] Using R on MacOS Catalina.....
> For me it usually had to resort to the latter when there were connectivity issues (more common in Namibia than in Potsdam :-)-O).
> And maybe once or twice when I wanted to try something special.
> It also has a 'cask' option with which it installs apps so I do
> brew install r
> brew cask install rstudio
> All in all rock solid.
> el
> On 28/01/2020 11:43, Byron Ellis wrote:
> > Homebrew is Linux-style packaging for OS X. Think of it as an
> > equivalent to apt-get—either it will retrieve a binary or it will
> > attempt to build one.
> >

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