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thank you so much for your quick response. 

Yes, my MacBook has only 256 GB HDD (Standard) ☹
Oh, well, I know & I don´t use X-Code as well. I take the small version of that: xcode-select --install
(It installed only the command-line tools, header, etc. for using their own c-compiler)

Hm, I never used "Homebrew" - I come from the UNIX - World and I like the command-line 😊.
Well, I can create the files for R via "make" - after them it breaks the installation ☹

Best regards....

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A Mac with Catalina and a small hard disk?

I use the Homebrew package manager and while there is a short delay between R and Homebrew this works out very well.  It has two options, one with out the app, which is what I use because I for GUI I use RStudio exclusively.

There is really no need to compile from source :-)-O XCode is huge, though the XCode command line tools are required.

Gruss aus dem Süden :-)-O


On 28/01/2020 11:05, Matthias Krawutschke wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I am new at this Mailinglist and I have a question about R on MacOS 
> Catalina.
> On your Website I had found a package for R. If I want to install it 
> on my MacBook – the program told me, that I can´t install the software 
> on an other volume like “system”…..  That is bad, because I had a 
> small Volume on my MacBook ☹
> If I want to compile the R-System new with GNU-C Compiler 9.2.0 – I 
> can “make” the files, but “make install” return it with an ERROR.
> So, did you have any ideas what kind of problems that here I had?
> I thank you very much for your assistance and have a nice day…..
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