[R-SIG-Mac] 4.0.0

Dr Eberhard W Lisse e| @end|ng |rom ||@@e@NA
Wed Apr 29 16:11:58 CEST 2020

For all it is worth,

homebrew upgraded R to 4.0.0 on Catalina and I did notice that homebrew
asked for an XCode Command Line Tools upgrade

I then sourced as usual my package.R which installs the ones I use, and
it did install a number of packages from source (which I assusme is
becasue they haven't yet loaded as binary packages).

No drama whatsoever. In particular a complicated :yX report with knitR 
produces the expected result :-)-O


On 29/04/2020 16:05, Eric K wrote:
> Running R 3.6 has been working fine. I just upgraded to R 4.0 and I cannot
> build packages from source. I have tried the following:
> 1. Installed R 4.0 binary on my mac (macOS 10.14.6). Installation went
> fine, but when I try to build packages from source I get errors like this:

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