[R-SIG-Mac] Transitioning from Mac to LInux?

Carl Witthoft c@r| @end|ng |rom w|ttho|t@com
Wed Apr 1 20:48:50 CEST 2020

  If I should ask over at r-sig-debian instead of here, please tell me. 
I don't wish to clog r-sig-mac with off-topic stuff.

I've been watching the massive headaches people are dealing with trying 
to keep R fully compatible with each MacOS X upgrade,  I'm wondering 
whether replacing my iMac (2009) with a new Mac really makes sense from 
an R - user point of view, as opposed to getting some inexpensive 
desktop and installing Linux.  I know I can run R and RStudio under 
Linux, for example,  but don't know what limitations, if any there are 
when it comes to building packages from source, getting compatible 
compilers,  and so on.

What have some of you 'power R users' discovered when/if you tried to 
build , or incorporate Bioconductor or other repository's packages under 

Carl Witthoft
carl using witthoft.com
resume: https://app.box.com/file/498153801347

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