[R-SIG-Mac] R 4.0: many PCRE JIT compilation errors

Daniel Kelley D@n@Ke||ey @end|ng |rom D@|@C@
Wed Apr 1 13:36:53 CEST 2020

I am  trying to build the "oce" package, and I get many (tens of thousands) of warnings of form similar to

Warning in gsub("\n \\.([^\n])", "\n  .\\1", gsub("\n[ \t]*\n", "\n .\n ",  :
  PCRE JIT compilation error
	'no more memory'

I am working through the build/check/install in stages, and documenting things at


in case that's of any help to anyone else.  Perhaps my grep() and gsub() calls are poorly framed, but I've never seen this warning before, and I suspect the warnings (or some of them) may be coming from he "R CMD" stage itself, so my guess is that this is an indication of a problem with R-4.0/macos.

I wish to note my deep thanks to the team behind macos development for R.

PS. I'm glad to hear that there may be an upcoming macos equivalent to winbuilder, because I have had very uneven success with rhub (working one day, failing another, on identical code, etc).

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