[R-SIG-Mac] macOS Sierra

Bob Rudis bob at rud.is
Wed Sep 21 15:19:05 CEST 2016

As an FYI to those pondering upgrading to Sierra, I've been testing R 3.3.1
in a VM under Sierra since the betas and migrated a few key production
systems over to the GM earlier this week and have been running production
code on them using CRAN 3.3.1 macOS binaries and AT&T macOS R-devel
binaries and haven't seen any issues script-wise or R GUI-wise (I don't use
R GUI that often, though).

I haven't tested Homebrew R yet but that's a plan for the weekend (we have
some endpoint users who prefer Homebrew R installs and I have production
code that needs to run on them as well).

While not R-specific, the preview builds of RStudio are also working fine
apart from some font rendering issues which I believe are due to the way
macOS Sierra webkit handles font ligatures (I use Fira Code for proper
arrows amongst other glyphs).

Since I hadn't seen anything regarding this I figured it might be useful
information for those considering the nascent OS update.


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