[R-SIG-Mac] R install / uninstall failing on OS X

Juho Lappalainen juho.lappalainen at helsinki.fi
Mon Sep 28 07:41:17 CEST 2015


I have Os X 10.10.3 on MB Air and I downloaded the newest R version from CRAN download website. The software failed with the package installations and after working with the errors for few hours I decided to uninstall the software.

I deleted the .app files (R and Rstudio) and then removed frameworks folder too. I also removed the usr/bin/R and usr/bin/Rscript. Now the application doesn’t reinstall at all but just tells about an error which the installation software doesn’t specify. Same thing happens when I try to install and launch Rstudio. I also tried the --forget command with pkgutil on terminal with no success.

What shoud I try next? Or is there any chances to make it work without reinstalling Os X?


Juho Lappalainen

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