[R-SIG-Mac] latex errors, Rd problems

Adrian Dușa dusa.adrian at unibuc.ro
Sat Mar 21 20:02:25 CET 2015

On Sat, Mar 21, 2015 at 3:09 PM, Prof Brian Ripley <ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk>

> On 21/03/2015 12:38, Adrian Dușa wrote:
>> [...]
> So the next step is to run R CMD Rd2pdf --no-clean on the unpacked package
> sources and look at the logs in its check directory.  You may need to run
> texi2dvi -D --pdf on the .tex file produced there.

Already tried that (in my first post), and I get:

Adrians-MBP:~ dusadrian$ R CMD Rd2pdf --no-clean DDIwR/
Hmm ... looks like a package
Converting Rd files to LaTeX
Creating pdf output from LaTeX ...
Error in texi2dvi(file = file, pdf = TRUE, clean = clean, quiet = quiet,  :
  Running 'texi2dvi' on 'Rd2.tex' failed.
sh: /usr/local/bin/texi2dvi: No such file or directory

Error in texi2dvi(file = file, pdf = TRUE, clean = clean, quiet = quiet,  :
  Running 'texi2dvi' on 'Rd2.tex' failed.
sh: /usr/local/bin/texi2dvi: No such file or directory

Error in running tools::texi2pdf()
You may want to clean up by 'rm -rf .Rd2pdf19534'

My search for this problem boiled down to texi2dvi which doesn't seem to be
found, despite a full reinstall of a fresh MacTeX-2014.
As far as I read, texi2dvi <should> be found, so my next guess was a path
issue, which gives:

Adrians-MBP:~ dusadrian$ $PATH
No such file or directory

"No such file or directory" (probably for /usr/texbin)... and this is where
I got stuck.

Curiously, there <is> a .tex file in the DDIwR.Rcheck directory, and
running texi2dvi (although it previously complained it could not find it)

Adrians-MBP:~ dusadrian$ texi2dvi -D --pdf DDIwR.Rcheck/DDIwR-manual.tex
+ for command_line_filename in '${1+"$@"}'
+ false 'Processing DDIwR.Rcheck/DDIwR-manual.tex ...'
+ echo DDIwR.Rcheck/DDIwR-manual.tex
+ egrep '^(/|[A-z]:/)'
+ command_line_filename=./DDIwR.Rcheck/DDIwR-manual.tex
+ test '!' -r ./DDIwR.Rcheck/DDIwR-manual.tex
++ sed 's!/[^/]*$!!;s!^$!.!'
++ echo ./DDIwR.Rcheck/DDIwR-manual.tex
+ filename_dir=./DDIwR.Rcheck
++ cd ./DDIwR.Rcheck
++ pwd
+ filename_dir=/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck
++ basename ./DDIwR.Rcheck/DDIwR-manual.tex
+ filename_ext=DDIwR-manual.tex
++ echo DDIwR-manual.tex
++ sed 's/\.[^.]*$//'
+ filename_noext=DDIwR-manual
++ echo DDIwR-manual.tex
++ sed 's/^.*\.//'
+ ext=tex
+ tmpdir_src=/var/folders/wl/xtd1693n1jsfff4c_zl06vgw0000gn/T//t2d19553/src
+ tmpdir_xtr=/var/folders/wl/xtd1693n1jsfff4c_zl06vgw0000gn/T//t2d19553/xtr
+ tmpdir_rcd=/var/folders/wl/xtd1693n1jsfff4c_zl06vgw0000gn/T//t2d19553/rcd
+ tmpdir_bak=/var/folders/wl/xtd1693n1jsfff4c_zl06vgw0000gn/T//t2d19553/bak
+ mkdir /var/folders/wl/xtd1693n1jsfff4c_zl06vgw0000gn/T//t2d19553/src
+ common=/Users/dusadrian:/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck:
+ for var in '$tex_envvars'
+ eval 'BIBINPUTS=$common$BIBINPUTS_orig'
++ BIBINPUTS=/Users/dusadrian:/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck:
+ export BIBINPUTS
+ for var in '$tex_envvars'
+ eval 'BSTINPUTS=$common$BSTINPUTS_orig'
++ BSTINPUTS=/Users/dusadrian:/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck:
+ export BSTINPUTS
+ for var in '$tex_envvars'
+ eval 'INDEXSTYLE=$common$INDEXSTYLE_orig'
++ INDEXSTYLE=/Users/dusadrian:/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck:
+ for var in '$tex_envvars'
+ eval 'TEXINPUTS=$common$TEXINPUTS_orig'
++ TEXINPUTS=/Users/dusadrian:/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck:
+ export TEXINPUTS
+ replace_empty='-e '\''s/^:/EMPTY:/g'\''                  -e
'\''s/:$/:EMPTY/g'\''                  -e '\''s/::/:EMPTY:/g'\'''
++ echo /Users/dusadrian:/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck:
++ eval sed -e ''\''s/^:/EMPTY:/g'\''' -e ''\''s/:$/:EMPTY/g'\''' -e
+++ sed -e 's/^:/EMPTY:/g' -e 's/:$/:EMPTY/g' -e s/::/:EMPTY:/g
+ TEXINPUTS=/Users/dusadrian:/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck:EMPTY
++ echo /Users/dusadrian:/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck:
++ eval sed -e ''\''s/^:/EMPTY:/g'\''' -e ''\''s/:$/:EMPTY/g'\''' -e
+++ sed -e 's/^:/EMPTY:/g' -e 's/:$/:EMPTY/g' -e s/::/:EMPTY:/g
+ INDEXSTYLE=/Users/dusadrian:/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck:EMPTY
+ save_IFS='
+ IFS=:
+ set x /Users/dusadrian /Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck EMPTY
+ shift
+ for dir in '"$@"'
+ case $dir in
+ TEXINPUTS=.:/Users/dusadrian
+ for dir in '"$@"'
+ case $dir in
+ TEXINPUTS=.:/Users/dusadrian:/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck
+ for dir in '"$@"'
+ case $dir in
+ TEXINPUTS=.:/Users/dusadrian:/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck:
+ set x /Users/dusadrian /Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck EMPTY
+ shift
+ for dir in '"$@"'
+ case $dir in
+ INDEXSTYLE=.:/Users/dusadrian
+ for dir in '"$@"'
+ case $dir in
+ INDEXSTYLE=.:/Users/dusadrian:/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck
+ for dir in '"$@"'
+ case $dir in
+ INDEXSTYLE=.:/Users/dusadrian:/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck:
+ IFS='
+ test -n ''
+ sed 1q ./DDIwR.Rcheck/DDIwR-manual.tex
+ grep 'input texinfo'
+ language=
+ case ${language:-$filename_ext} in
+ language=latex
+ bibtex=bibtex
+ makeinfo=
+ texindex=makeindex
+ textra_cmd=1i
+ test pdf = dvi
+ tex=pdflatex
+ thumbpdf=thumbpdf
++ cd /var/folders/wl/xtd1693n1jsfff4c_zl06vgw0000gn/T//t2d19553
++ pdflatex --help
+ tex_help='Usage: pdftex [OPTION]... [TEXNAME[.tex]] [COMMANDS]
   or: pdftex [OPTION]... \FIRST-LINE
   or: pdftex [OPTION]... &FMT ARGS
  Run pdfTeX on TEXNAME, usually creating TEXNAME.pdf.
  Any remaining COMMANDS are processed as pdfTeX input, after TEXNAME is
  If the first line of TEXNAME is %&FMT, and FMT is an existing .fmt file,
  use it.  Else use `NAME.fmt'\'', where NAME is the program invocation
  most commonly `pdftex'\''.

  Alternatively, if the first non-option argument begins with a backslash,
  interpret all non-option arguments as a line of pdfTeX input.

  Alternatively, if the first non-option argument begins with a &, the
  next word is taken as the FMT to read, overriding all else.  Any
  remaining arguments are processed as above.

  If no arguments or options are specified, prompt for input.

-draftmode              switch on draft mode (generates no output PDF)
-enc                    enable encTeX extensions such as \mubyte
-etex                   enable e-TeX extensions
[-no]-file-line-error   disable/enable file:line:error style messages
-fmt=FMTNAME            use FMTNAME instead of program name or a %& line
-halt-on-error          stop processing at the first error
-ini                    be pdfinitex, for dumping formats; this is
                          true if the program name is `pdfinitex'\''
-interaction=STRING     set interaction mode (STRING=batchmode/nonstopmode/
-ipc                    send DVI output to a socket as well as the usual
                          output file
-ipc-start              as -ipc, and also start the server at the other end
-jobname=STRING         set the job name to STRING
-kpathsea-debug=NUMBER  set path searching debugging flags according to
                          the bits of NUMBER
[-no]-mktex=FMT         disable/enable mktexFMT generation (FMT=tex/tfm/pk)
-mltex                  enable MLTeX extensions such as \charsubdef
-output-comment=STRING  use STRING for DVI file comment instead of date
                          (no effect for PDF)
-output-directory=DIR   use existing DIR as the directory to write files in
-output-format=FORMAT   use FORMAT for job output; FORMAT is `dvi'\'' or
[-no]-parse-first-line  disable/enable parsing of first line of input file
-progname=STRING        set program (and fmt) name to STRING
-recorder               enable filename recorder
[-no]-shell-escape      disable/enable \write18{SHELL COMMAND}
-shell-restricted       enable restricted \write18
-src-specials           insert source specials into the DVI file
-src-specials=WHERE     insert source specials in certain places of
                          the DVI file. WHERE is a comma-separated value
                          list: cr display hbox math par parend vbox
-synctex=NUMBER         generate SyncTeX data for previewers if nonzero
-translate-file=TCXNAME use the TCX file TCXNAME
-8bit                   make all characters printable by default
-help                   display this help and exit
-version                output version information and exit

Email bug reports to pdftex at tug.org.'
+ tex_args=
+ case $tex_help in
+ tex_args=' --file-line-error'
+ false
+ test -n ''
+ test 0 -ne 0
+ test '!' -r
+ false 'Reverting to ./DDIwR.Rcheck/DDIwR-manual.tex ...'
+ filename_input=/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck/DDIwR-manual.tex
+ test -n ''
+ test latex = texinfo
+ test '' = t
+ :
++ get_xref_files DDIwR-manual
++ for this_file in '"$1".?o?' '"$1".aux' '"$1".??' '"$1".idx'
++ test -s DDIwR-manual.log
+++ sed -n '1s/^\(.\).*$/\1/p;q' DDIwR-manual.log
++ first_character=T
++ test xT = 'x\'
++ test xT = 'x'\'''
++ test xT = x@
++ for this_file in '"$1".?o?' '"$1".aux' '"$1".??' '"$1".idx'
++ test -s DDIwR-manual.aux
++ continue
++ for this_file in '"$1".?o?' '"$1".aux' '"$1".??' '"$1".idx'
++ test -s 'DDIwR-manual.??'
++ continue
++ for this_file in '"$1".?o?' '"$1".aux' '"$1".??' '"$1".idx'
++ test -s DDIwR-manual.idx
++ continue
++ echo ''
+ orig_xref_files=
+ test -n ''
+ test -n bibtex
+ test -r DDIwR-manual.aux
++ echo ''
++ sed 's!.*\.aux!!g;
                        s!./DDIwR-manual\.[^ ]o[^ ]!!g;
                        s/^[ ]*//;s/[ ]*$//'
+ index_files=
+ test -n makeindex
+ test -n ''
+ cmd='pdflatex  --file-line-error'
+ false 'Running pdflatex  --file-line-error
/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck/DDIwR-manual.tex ...'
+ pdflatex --file-line-error /Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck/DDIwR-manual.tex
This is pdfTeX, Version 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.15 (TeX Live 2014) (preloaded
 restricted \write18 enabled.
entering extended mode
LaTeX2e <2014/05/01>
Babel <3.9k> and hyphenation patterns for 78 languages loaded.

Document Class: book 2007/10/19 v1.4h Standard LaTeX document class

! LaTeX Error: File `Rd.sty' not found.

Type X to quit or <RETURN> to proceed,
or enter new name. (Default extension: sty)

Enter file name:
/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck/DDIwR-manual.tex:4: Emergency stop.
<read *>

l.4 \usepackage
/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck/DDIwR-manual.tex:4:  ==> Fatal error
occurred, no
 output PDF file produced!
Transcript written on DDIwR-manual.log.
+ echo '/usr/bin/texi2dvi: pdflatex exited with bad status, quitting.'
/usr/bin/texi2dvi: pdflatex exited with bad status, quitting.
+ echo '/usr/bin/texi2dvi: see DDIwR-manual.log for errors.'
/usr/bin/texi2dvi: see DDIwR-manual.log for errors.
+ test '' = t
+ exit 1

This sends me to DDIwR-manual.log, which as far as I can see is related to
not being able to \read from terminal in nonstop modes:

/Users/dusadrian/DDIwR.Rcheck/DDIwR-manual.tex:4: Emergency stop.
<read *>

l.4 \usepackage
*** (cannot \read from terminal in nonstop modes)

Any further advice is welcome, thank you very much again,

Adrian Dusa
University of Bucharest
Romanian Social Data Archive
Soseaua Panduri nr.90
050663 Bucharest sector 5

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