[R-SIG-Mac] Passing external data to R

thatsanicehatyouhave at mac.com thatsanicehatyouhave at mac.com
Fri May 16 22:34:18 CEST 2014


Is there a way to pass data and/or commands to R from an external program? For example, let's say I have a Cocoa program (that I'm writing) and R running in the background. Is there a mechanism where I can send data to R such that it will be accessible from the console window? Can I send data and a plot command to open a window in R and plot it there?

More generally, is there a cross-platform mechanism for this as well? I've been searching but haven't come up with anything great. I did find RPy2 where one could send data and plotting commands to R, but the plot I made was modal which isn't great.



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