[R-SIG-Mac] no title bar on mavericks X11 windows

Andy Jacobson (NOAA Affiliate) andy.jacobson at noaa.gov
Wed Oct 30 18:11:13 CET 2013


Since upgrading to Mavericks, all X11 windows created by R are without title bar (no maximize/minimize/close buttons, no title)...just a blank white canvas placed in the upper-left corner of my primary display.  R draws into this just fine, but I can't move, close, or otherwise manipulate the window.  This occurs with X11() called from remote machines (an older R-2.14.1), and from R-3.0.0 and R-3.0.2 locally.  Other X applications, both locally- and remotely-executed, do not suffer from this issue.  I also upgraded Xquartz to the 2.7.5-rc3 recommended for Mavericks users by the Xquartz team, but it had no effect on this issue.  I don't know if this is an R issue or an Xquartz issue...any ideas?



Andy Jacobson
andy.jacobson at noaa.gov

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