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Robert J Goedman goedman at icloud.com
Fri Jan 18 22:37:32 CET 2013

Hi Andrew,

This issue I think have been coming up a few more times. Let me make sure we're seeing the same things.

You open R.app and then create a new document in the build-in editor. That's where you type 'test1<-1:10', followed by cmd-rtn.

You now see the 'test1' show up in the console, but only after you type the '<'. For every subsequent character you type in, 'test' is added (inserted really) into the console buffer.
Even if you delete a character, 'test1' is inserted once more.

Now, if you create a second line, say 'test2<-3:6', it continues to copy whatever is in front of the '<' on the 1st line in the file.

If you insert a blank (space) before the '<' on the 1st line, the problem is no longer there. Do you see the same behavior?

Maybe inserting a blank on the 1st line can be used as a workaround for now?

Rob J. Goedman
goedman at icloud.com

On Jan 18, 2013, at 10:55 AM, Andrew Beckerman <a.beckerman at sheffield.ac.uk> wrote:

> Simon et al - in an effort to try and solve this issue, with nothing else open, I've started R.app.  I then open a script, type test<-1:10, cmd-rtn, and get some phantom text.  
> I've then acquired the sysdiagnose_2013.01.18_15-48-08-CLST.tar.gz pile of stuff.  Do you think that any relevant info could be in here?  Does anyone have any ideas, in the wisdom if Unix, where to start looking? 
> Thanks in advance.  Its quite an irritating little thing that I am sure has something to do with other programmes on my machine (I am using PERL, GNU parallel and various other unix software for genomics work (like samtools and requirements, etc). Short of deleting all of that stuff, I wonder if there is a way to see the activity.....
> Thanks in advance.
> Andrew
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