[R-SIG-Mac] Key bindings in the GUI [Was: ?> as a valid help request]

Simon Urbanek simon.urbanek at r-project.org
Wed May 25 19:28:13 CEST 2011

On May 25, 2011, at 1:10 PM, David Winsemius wrote:

> On May 25, 2011, at 12:50 PM, Berend Hasselman wrote:
>> Home will move the cursor to the start of a line
>> End  will move the cursor to the end of a line
> Not on my machine in the GUI. Goes to top or bottom of the console window.

What Berend meant is that if you want to re-define the behavior to be non-standard with the modifications he listed (which you cut out), you can have it behave that way. It is not the default or intended behavior, though. (Windows users may be more used to it which is presumably why he mentioned it).

Just to re-iterate, the standard Mac way to go to the beginning of the line is <Cmd><Left>. The standard Mac way to move up a paragraph is <Alt><Up> (which is equivalent to going to the beginning of a paragraph except when you are already there). There is an emacs equivalent <Ctrl><A> which goes to the beginning of the paragraph.

Now, in fact he GUI behaves slightly differently, but no one noticed ;). Due to the special treatment of the prompt, the commands concerning the beginnings of things have special work-arounds, so for example beginning of the line equals beginning of the paragraph in the GUI. However, this is what people most commonly want, so I'm not sure it's abad thing. I'll see if I can make the behavior consistent, though.


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