[R-SIG-Mac] R-Gui with remote execution?

Robert Chatfield chatfield at alumni.rice.edu
Fri Jul 15 21:20:46 CEST 2011

We have three Macs, one with considerably more storage and 
processor power.  Storage requirements are probably most
important to us.

Is there a way to run R-Gui on one mac but have the
execution on a remote mac?  (I know that voluminous
graphics are probably best transmitted using pdf files or
the like.)

If not, is there a favorite way to run remotely using X11
better than the paste-from-editor command-line interface?

I also use Vim-R myself, so there may be a way to exploit

(I've checked for messages on the subject for the last few

Running R version 2.10.1 on 10.6.7 locally and 10.5.8 remotely.

regards,  Bob Chatfield
NASA Ames Research Center

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