[R-SIG-Mac] Permanently change default console font

Berend Hasselman bhh at xs4all.nl
Sat Apr 24 09:14:58 CEST 2010

On 24-04-2010, at 03:59, Mike Lawrence wrote:

> I tried poking at the source code again and I guess I didn't try hard
> enough the first time because this time I found that changing the
> default font is trivial:
> In files "RConsoleController.m" & "RController.m", change all instances of
> NSFont userFixedPitchFontOfSize:currentFontSize
> to
> NSFont fontWithName:@"Menlo-Regular" size:currentFontSize

You could also have a look at the free TinkerTool, which lets you set several fonts for the system.
Amongst others the fixed width font.
You can find it here:  www.bresink.com  (goto Products, TinkerTool  (not the system variation).


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