[R-SIG-Mac] getting history() to work

David david.b.a.epstein at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 13 12:13:01 CEST 2010

OK, I finally (think I) understand how the history mechanism interacts
or fails to interact with R.app, as a result of Simon's postings---
clarity at last! R.app still seems to be behaving strangely on my
system---for example, I was unable to implement Rob Goedman's
suggestions. So I proceeded as follows.

1. Use shell command to delete my plist file in ~/Library/Preferences.
2. Look through ~/.Rprofile to make sure there is no interaction with
history mechanism.
3. Delete all other files beginning with .R in my home directory.
4. Upload dmg with the latest version (2.10.1) of R.app that works on
Tiger. (Note to myself: must upgrade to Leopard.). Install 2.10.1.
5. If I now open R.app and then do R>Preferences>StartUp>change name
of history file to .Rapphistory
then close R.app using any of the R.app methods (NOT q()), then open
R.app again, I find the SAME default entry for my history file,
namely .Rhistory.

I haven't tried direct editing of the plist file while R is closed.

Further information: While closing R.app, I kept on looking at the
plist contents. Following on 1. above, the plist file did not exist.
The preferences menu still showed my new name, namely .Rapphistory. I
closed the preferences window, opened it again: still .Rapphistory. I
pressed the quit light switch on the GUI. The plist file appeared for
the first time in ~/Library/Preferences, with
<key>History file path used for R type history files</key>
I still had not finally quit from R.app. When asked whether I wanted
to save or cancel or not save, I clicked on cancel. Then I went again
R>Preferences>StartUp and the name of the history file in the
Preferences menu had reverted to .Rhistory.

Can anyone think of a reason why R.app is insisting on using the
default .Rhistory, and does not accept my attempts to change it? Are
there any more diagnostic features I can try? Does anyone else,
working under Tiger, find the same behaviour with 2.10.1?

Thanks for any help
R 2.10.1 GUI 1.31-np Tiger build 32-bit (5538)
MacOsX 10.4.11 running on PowerPC G4

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