[R-SIG-Mac] manpage problem

joerg van den hoff j.van_den_hoff at fzd.de
Wed Apr 7 18:01:35 CEST 2010

not sure whether this is MAC specific:

I use \itemize or \enumerate in some manpages. it worked previously, but  
I'm not sure up till when...
now (with 2.10.1) I see the following:

-- using the R-GUI manpages are displayed correctly
-- in the Terminal.app (or xterm) only the bullet points (or enumerating  
numbers) are displayed, but the actual description
    for the item is missing.

any ideas?



ps: macos 10.5.8 ppc
pps: in case, the problem is my manpage, the source code of this  
(rudimentary) manpage is:

Perform metabolite correction
Computes metabolite corrected input function from whole blood data plus
time dependent metabolite fraction
metacor(input, metfrac = 0)
   measured input function (class \code{Roidata})
   metabolite fraction
The metabolite fraction has to be in one of the following formats.

       \item{a single number}
       \item{a vector of metabolite fractions corresponding one-to-one to  
          time points in input}
       \item{a two column matrix (time vs. metab. fraction) where time units
          have to be the same as those used in input}
       \item{a Roidata object including timing information}
metabolite corrected input function (\code{Roidata} object)
\keyword{ utilities }

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