[R-SIG-Mac] Questions regarding R + Aquamacs + ESS

Gerald Jurasinski terhorab at mac.com
Sat Sep 19 09:55:51 CEST 2009

Dear Johannes,

When you come from XP and used R with Tinn-R Why don't you try The  
standard R-Gui that comes with the R binaries. I find it very  
intuitive and easy to use. Syntax coloring is complete, send line,  
send selection, and send all is easy with just one short key (you can  
set it as you wish in the preferences).

Just give it a try.
Best regards

Gerald Jurasinski
von unterwegs

Am 19.09.2009 um 09:34 schrieb johannes rara <johannesraja at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> I have few questions regarding R 2.9.2 + Aquamacs + ESS. I'm moving
> from WinXP to Mac (Snow Leopard 10.6.1) and also from Tinn-R to
> Aquamacs (1.8c).
> 1. Is there syntax highlighting in Aqaumacs? Now when I open .R file
> only the lines starting with comment mark (#), quoted words etc. are
> shown in color. What about R:s reserved words? In Tinn-R these words
> where shown blue. Is there this kind of functionality in Aquamacs?
> 2. When I evaluate an area of R code (send it to R), I press C-c C-r.
> If the area is e.g. 50 lines, I would like that the cursor in the ESS
> windows goes into an end (like pressing C-c M-r) and I don't have to
> jump back into the code window. How can I achieve this?
> 3. It seems to bit complicated to keep pressing C-c all the time, is
> there a way to make a shortcut key (e.g when pressing Alt-S an area of
> code is sent to ESS-window (into R)
> 4. Is there a way to split code window and ESS-window (R) vertically
> (side to side)? The default split is horizontally.
> Thanks!
> -Johannes
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